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Personal blog and business page of Kirill Mazur
Startup ecosystem activist
30+ projects, 50+ clients, 50+ mln. media rich, $100 mln. in created impact for the last 5 years.
Innovation consulter with product and investment background
$11 mln. in 40+ deals as a partner of VC fund,
10+ launched projects and digital businesses.
Entrepreneur, traveler, speaker
and non-stopping mind :)
Who is
Kirill Mazur
CEO & Founder at Center42 Innovation Agency.

ex-executive at UNIT.City, Ukraine's first innovation park.
ex-Managing partner of IG.VC, one of the most active VC fund in Ukraine in 2014-2016.
Kirill is an innovation expert,
CEO & Founder at Center42 Innovation Agency.

For the last 5 years, Kirill became an active part of Ukrainian tech ecosystem. He was responsible for launching the ecosystem of first innovation park in Ukraine, launching one of the first innovation agencies in Ukraine and one of the most active Ukraine's venture investment funds.

During the period of being a managing partner of venture investments fund their team has invested $11 mln. in 40+ deals and the total valuations of invested companies has grown by 8 times in 2 years.

In 2019 Kirill has launched Center42 Innovation Agency, focused on bringing innovation to Ukrainian corporations through corporate-startup programs and client-oriented workshops.
Let's drive together.
Brands and partners
Some of featured brands and organizations I have worked with for the last 10 years
Celebrating 10 years of career and launching
new projects and businesses
Let's launch THE NEXT BIG THING together
10+ years of experience
in innovation, tech, business, startup ecosystem development
Strong background in investments and business creation
$11 mln. in 40+ deals as partner of one of the most active VC funds in Ukraine
Launching new ventures from scratch is my key passion
10+ big projects, startups and digital businesses launched from zero to one
Startup ecosystem development and huge impact projects are my inspiration
30+ successfully launched projects for the 5 last years.
$100 mln. in created impact.
How we can cooperate
Invite me as a speaker on innovation
Supercharge your event and team with inspirational ideas on corporate innovation, startup investments, future of technologies, introduction to design thinking, service design and more!
Invite me to launch your next big project
I am open to cooperation and launching new big good things that create a powerful impact on the city, economy and society.
Startup Investment Consulting
Use my investment experience to get feedback on your startup from the investors' side; to define your company's valuation; to build a fundraising strategy for attracting new smart investors; or just to get an investment consultation.
Corporate Innovation Consulting
Supercharge your company with Center42 Innovation Agency.

Build the culture and mindset of innovation inside your organization. Attract best talents, launch special startup programs or just promote innovativeness of your company.
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