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Entrepreneur and venture capital consultant

Hello, my name is KIRILL MAZUR.

My current roles are:
  • Partner of Happy Monday (personalized career acceleration platform for 450K talents monthly).
  • Founder of Center42 Innovation Agency (a proactive European innovation agency, born in Ukraine, with clients like the UN, Amazon, Google, USAID, Bayer, and others).
  • Venture capital consultant (use my 5 years of experience in VC fund and 12 years experience in the startup industry to let entrepreneurs better understand the startup fundraising process and raise investments).

  • Spent 5 years investing in startups as a manager of VC fund ($11M investment in 40+ startups).
  • Launched about 50 digital products in various roles.
  • Created 15+ projects to support the development of the startup ecosystem of Ukraine, including the launch of the ecosystem of one of the largest innovation parks in EU (UNIT.City).

I am:
  • Hedonist and aesthete – I love traveling, delicious food, and beautiful places.
  • Fan of remote work and digital nomad culture.
  • Striving to build a $1 billion company.

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