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Managing partner at IG VC
(Imperious Group VC)

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VC as a service for your IT-business or startup

For last 6 years I have worked at all chains of venture capital market. During that time I have evaluated more than 5000 startups, made hundreds of consultations and helped to structure dozens of deals beetwen startups and investors. Most people call such activities as startup consulting.

I am also run as a partner of $25 mln. VC fund, helping the pool of investors (LP's) with deal sourcing, investments analysis, deal structuring and post-investment activities.

Now I am perfecting my skills working with venture funds, accelerators and startups with a wide portfolio of clients from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. I try to use my analytical, digital marketing and fundraising skills, as well as deep expertise and strong connections in venture capital market, to help my clients raise investments faster, negotiate better deal terms and determine all hidden risk points and "red flags" both for startups and investors.

How can I be useful for you:

  • Investments documents preparation.
    (Pitchdeck / presentation, financial model, executive summary)
  • Independent investment analysis of the company and due dilligence.
    Analysis of 10+ most important sides of the company, determining of weak points and possible opportunities, detection of "red flags" for investors. Providing the list of proposed improvements of the company and most possible recommendation to invest for the investor.
  • Building fundraising strategy.
    – Helping to choose - investments or bootstrap.
    – Creating a strategy for communicating and negotiating with investors.
    – Helping with determining the company's valuation and the required amount of needed investments.
    – Building investors list with contacts for your area of activity and stage.
  • R&D and Talents attraction.
    I am ready to help with best ever remote teams and experts on your demand.
  • Q&A session.
    30 or 60 minutes for any questions related to areas of VC investments, innovations, fundraising, startup creation and development, etc.

Any requests for cooperation please address to my personal email
My other contacts: Facebook | Linkedin | Website

Your VC as a service for your IT-business or startup

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